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Outdoor tours*

National Museum of Natural History     

From the Hope Diamond to Henry, the African Bull Elephant, the National Museum of Natural History is sure to delight any and everyone that passes through its doors.  You'll be transported to Ancient Egypt, 20,000 leagues under the sea, and to some of the most remote reaches of the globe.  You'll get to walk along side our ancient ancestors and see how the human species evolved.  Join archeologists, anthropologists, paleontologists and every other type of physical scientist to study and discover the wonders of the natural world!

Duration: 1.5 hours

National Mall Scavenger Hunt  

Are you competitive?  Do you think you can beat your colleagues racing around the National Mall, getting as many points as possible? Our National Mall scavenger hunt combines social media and physicality to ensure a great time for all.  From creating a human pyramid in front of the Washington Monument to discovering the typo at the Lincoln Memorial, we know you'll have a great time!  Especially when the winning team gets a great prize!

Duration: 2 - 5 hours

*All tours are subject to availability.  Fiat Luxe Tours does not guarantee entry to the Capitol Building, Library of Congress, Supreme Court or National Archives.
**All tour prices do not include gratuity
​***All tour times are approximate

Private Tours

The Sites of Capitol Hill     

The United States Capitol Building has dominated the skyline of Washington, D.C. since 1863.  The Library of Congress houses the largest collection of books in the world.  The Supreme Court has stood as the bastion of law and order since the founding of our nation, and in its current building since the 1930s.  Let our experienced and friendly guides show you some of the highlights of each of these buildings, from the Gutenberg Bible to George Washington's original crypt to the actual Supreme Court chamber, you'll love this tour.

Duration: 3 hours

Team building

National Museum of American History     

The National Museum of American History is lovingly referred to as "America's attic".  With everything from the ruby slippers that Judy Garland wore in The Wizard of Oz to the top hat that Abraham Lincoln wore the night he was assassinated, there is sure to be something for everyone in your party!  Our guides take you around and show off the highlights and overlooked objects of this museum's collection.  Join us and visit some of the most iconic and memorable artifacts about American history.

Duration: 2 hours

Smithsonian Scavenger Hunt  

Think you know what is contained within the Smithsonian?  There are 19 different museums, 17 located in DC.  This scavenger hunt will challenge teams to visit as many as possible, on a whirlwind self guided tour to get as many points and accomplish as many tasks as possible.  From museums on the Mall to the lesser known Smithsonian off the Mall, you're sure to discover some hidden treasures of American history and have a blast while doing it!  And of course the winning team gets a prize! 

Duration: 2 - 5 hours

Museum tours

The staff at Fiat Luxe Tours takes COVID-19 very seriously.  All of our staff and guides follow strict CDC recommendations.  We also will provide all of our guests with masks and hand sanitizer during the tour.  Our private tours allow guests to see Washington, D.C. in comfort, style and safety.  

Walk the National Mall    

No visit to Washington, D.C. is complete without visiting the monuments on the National Mall.  From the towering Washington Monument to the solemn Viet Nam War Memorial, you'll be walking through iconic landmarks you've seen in movies, TV shows and your history text books! Our knowledgeable and friendly guides will illuminate the history and controversies about some of America's most recognizable sites.  

Duration: 2 hours walking

Custom Tours


Fiat  Luxe  Tours

Haunted and Historic Georgetown  

Georgetown is so much more than glamorous homes and highend boutique stores.  Have you heard about the murder of Viola Drath?  Have you ever wanted to visit a horror movie set?   Starting at the Oak Hill Cemetery, our guides walk you through the streets of Georgetown, and will take you around one of D.C.'s oldest neighborhoods illuminating its history  history and telling you some of its sordid tales. 

Duration: 1.5-2 hours walking

National Portrait Gallery   

What did President William Henry Harrison look like?  How did Andy Warhol create his iconic silk screen images of celebrities?  Where can I see an Academy Award?  All of those questions can be answered in the National Portrait Gallery.  Housed in what was the original US Patent Office, the National Portrait Gallery houses a portraiture collection that rivals any museum in the world.  Exhibits and subjects range from the founding fathers to politicians to civil rights leaders to every day Americans.  Join us and discover a different way to see American history!

Duration: 1.5 hours

National Air and Space Museum    

Have you ever looked up to the moon and thought to yourself, how did we get there?  Have you ever wondered what the stars were made of?  Join our guides as we walk through the National Air and Space museum and answer these questions and so much more.  We'll take you through the history of aviation, starting with the Wright Borthers and the very first plane that flew, all the way through the space age and our missions to the moon and everything in-between!  

Duration: 2 hours